Baths Over Showers: Reasons Why the Bathtub Always Win

Baths Over Showers: Reasons Why the Bathtub Always Win

Building a new home or renovating your bathroom? People often make the mistake of getting a shower instead of a bathtub. Sure, it opens up more space in your bathroom but having a bathtub is just so much better for you and your overall well-being. The benefits you get from a tub lasts longer than the benefits you get from a shower, too! Here is a list of reasons to support that argument:

Long, luxurious soaks

The number one reason why adults love bathtubs is stress relief. Soaking in a warm bath after a long day is like going home to your own spa. You can soak in there as long as you want. Compare that to a hot shower where you just do your thing and step out right away. It just does not make sense to stand in the shower longer than necessary. Where is the relaxation in that?

Relieves soreness better

We all know that heat is the answer to sore muscles. Baths are so much more effective than showers in this department. Soaking in a warm bath allows your body to be fully submerged in water and this helps relax the muscles on your whole body. Plus, you can add Epsom salt to your bath if you are experiencing body pain as well.

Easy cleaning


Both bathroom fixtures come with heavy cleaning responsibilities but bathtubs are easier to clean. You have more mildew and grout growing space in showers as they can accumulate between the tiles. You have to scrub hard between them. A bathtub has a smoother surface and you barely have to worry about bacteria accumulating in it as long as you clean regularly.


Even you have to admit that bathtubs look better. Sure, there are very trendy showers but would you take a selfie in them? A clean bathtub easily commands attention and can be the star of your bathroom. Its visual appeal will definitely impress any guests using your bathroom.


Bathtubs give you more privacy. When someone walks in on you when you are in the shower, they get a full show of what you got (unless you have curtains). But when you are in the tub and someone walks in, most of your body will be covered with soap suds and bubbles so they do not really get to see anything.

Better skin care

Hot water can dehydrate the skin and both hot showers and baths can strip off the natural oils needed to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. But, unlike in a shower, you can avoid this problem by putting essential oils, bath bombs, mineral salts, and other bath additives in your bath. These additional ingredients will replenish and moisturize your skin even if you are using a warm bath. Just make sure to put on lotion to lock in the moisture when you step out of the bathtub bunnings.

As you can see, a bathtub is so much better than a shower. Why miss out on all these benefits just because you think a shower can give you more space?